Joanna Furr Coaching

About You

My name is Joanna, and I am a life and leadership coach. 

I work with professional women to create a life that fuels their passion and purpose, without sacrifice.

So far you've been:​

  • Trying to balance your professional goals with your family goals

  • Doing what you were supposed to, or what someone else is doing and you're missing meaning and purpose

  • Saying yes to everything, to try and be the perfect friend, wife, mother, coworker, and you're exhausted and overwhelmed

  • Compromising your needs, and you feel depleted

  • Getting your worth from others (title, salary, recognition..) and you're burned out, always looking for more


Now you're ready to

  • Lead an authentic life at home and at work

  • Be fueled by passion and purpose

  • Be intentional with your time

  • Create and nurture strong connections

  • Discover who you are at the core

  • Be present with your family and friends

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